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Deviations must include at least one endangered animal

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I want to attract more artists and photographers to the group by finding more deviations to submit! I already watch a handful of wildlife groups, and there's only so much I can do by myself, so I need your help. :dummy:

:bulletgreen: Love and know your endangered animals! Wikipedia and IUCN will be your best friends.
:bulletgreen: You must know how to submit deviations to the proper gallery folder.
:bulletgreen: You will be in charge of finding deviations for one gallery folder of your choice. That's the entire job. No pesky administrative tasks to deal with!
:bulletgreen: Submit deviations at least every week! I will be able to see when the last time you submitted a deviation was!
:bulletgreen: You should totally become a group Moderator!
:bulletyellow: REMEMBER: Non-premium members can administrate three DeviantART groups, while premium members can admin ten.

Administrative Positions
Amphibians + Reptiles + Testudines: 3 AVAILABLE
Canids: 4 AVAILABLE (Mini-interview required)
Cetaceans + Fish: 2 AVAILABLE
Felines + Hyenas: 4 AVAILABLE (3-felines, 1-hyenas)
Insects + Arachnids: 3 AVAILABLE
Marsupials: 1 AVAILABLE
Mustileds: 1 AVAILABLE
Pinnipeds: 1 AVAILABLE
Primates: 3 AVAILABLE
Ungulates: 3 AVAILABLE
Miscellaneous: 2 AVAILABLE

Please apply for one that you feel you'd be able to help best with. Serious applicants only, please! Thanks!

Moveing Stop Sign Before you suggest an animal Moveing Stop Sign

1. Check through our finished stamps folder
2. Press CTRL+F (CMD+F on Mac) and type your animal's name to see if it's already on this list

☐ = Not yet created
✘ = Cannot find a free-for-use photo, would appreciate any help in finding one

Varied Status

   ☐ Bandicoot (David's Spiny, Seram, Giant, Golden, Western Barred, Eastern Barred)
   ☐ Bettong (All subspecies)
   ☐ Butterfly
   ☐ Coelacanth (All subspecies)
   ☐ Cheetah (All subspecies)
   ☐ Lemurs (Too many to list here)
   ☐ Leopard cat (Visayan, Iriomote)
   ☐ Pangolin (Chinese, Giant, Indian, Philippine, Sunda, Tree)
   ☐ Peafowl (Green and Congo)
   ☐ Penguin (Emperor, all Crested, Yellow-Eyed, White-Flippered, Adélie, Gentoo, Magellanic, Humboldt, Galápagos, African)
   ☐ Quoll (All subspecies)
   ☐ Sea Lion (Australian, Galápagos, New Zealand, Steller)

Near Threatened

   ✘ Bearded Screech Owl
   ☐ Jaguar
   ☐ Saffron Toucanet


   ☐ African Elephants (possible merge with Asian elephant stamp)
   ✘ Dolloff Cave Spider
   ☐ Florida Scrub Jay
   ☐ Greater Bilby
   ✘ Hoogerwerf's Pheasant
   ☐ Manatee (All subspecies)
   ☐ Oncilla
   ☐ Palla's Fish Eagle
   ☐ Quokka
   ☐ Steller's Sea Eagle
   ☐ Sunda Clouded Leopard


   ☐ Bay Cat
   ☐ Black-Footed Ferret
   ☐ Blakiston's Fish Owl
   ☐ Caspian Seal
   ☐ Chimpanzee (Common and Bonobo)
   ☐ Cuberow
   ☐ Dhole
   ☐ Egyptian Vulture
   ☐ Eld's Deer
   ☐ False Gharial
   ☐ Fishing Cat
    ☐ Galápagos Fur Seal
   ☐ Hyacinth Macaw
   ☐ Key Deer
   ✘ Leaf-Nosed Lizard
   ☐ Lowland Anoa
   ☐ Niger Giraffe
   ☐ Numbat
   ☐ Persian Fallow Deer
   ☐ Puerto Rican Nightjar
   ☐ Przewalski's Horse
   ☐ Pygmy Hippopotamus
   ☐ Salt Creek Tiger Beetle
   ☐ South Andean Deer
   ☐ Tasmanian Devil
   ☐ Visayan Spotted Deer
   ☐ Whale (Blue, Fin, North Atlantic/Pacific Right, Sei)
   ☐ Whooping Crane

Critically Endangered

   ☐ Addax
   ☐ African Wild Ass
   ☐ Arabian Wolf
   ☐ Blond Capuchin
   ☐ Blue-Throated Macaw
   ☐ California Condor
   ☐ Chinese Alligator
   ☐ Cotton-Top Tamarin
   ☐ Dama Gazelle
   ☐ Darwin's Zorro
   ☐ European Eel
   ☐ Gharial
   ☐ Golden Coquí
   ☐ Hawaiian Monk Seal
   ☐ Iberian Lynx
   ☐ Imperial Woodpecker
   ☐ Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
   ☐ Madagascar Fish Eagle
   ☐ Mediterranean Monk Seal
   ☐ Northern Bald Ibis
   ☐ Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat
   ☐ Okinawa Woodpecker
   ☐ Orangutans (Bornean and Sumatran)
   ☐ Orinoko Crocodile
   ☐ Philippine Crocodile
   ☐ Philippine Eagle
   ☐ Puerto Rican Amazon
   ☐ Saola
   ☐ Walden's Hornbill
   ☐ White-Rumped Vulture

Extinct In The Wild

   ☐ Black Softshell Turtle
   ☐ Scimitar Oryx
   ☐ Socorro Dove
   ☐ Wyoming Toad
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